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How to understand double chance in betting

What is Double Chance betting

Double chance bets allow you to win with two different outcomes. What does this mean and how to bet on a double outcome.

A double chance bet raises the probability of winning in the 1×2 market. The advantage of a double outcome is that you can make a profit with different outcomes. Let’s figure out what a double chance is, what its types are, how this bet is calculated and when to bet a double outcome.

A double chance is an odinar that you bet on the outcome of the match and which brings a win in two out of three possible outcomes. You can UFC betting odds on a double chance only in those sports in which there is a draw in regular time. For example, football or hockey.

Types of double chance bets

There are always three possible choices in the double chance market.

  • 1X — first team or draw. The profit will be brought by the victory of the first team and a draw, the victory of the guests will turn into a loss.
  • X2 — draw or win the second. The bet will take place if the second team wins and draws, but will lose if the hosts succeed.
  • 12 – victory of the first or second. The victory of one of the teams will bring profit, and a draw result will lead to a loss.

How are bets on a double outcome calculated

Double chance bets are calculated like the rest of the ordinaries: if successful, the payout will be equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the coefficient taken. It doesn’t matter which of the two outcomes will play.

The higher the odds of a double chance bet, the higher the odds of outcomes in a double chance individually. At the same time, the margin is usually the same in the 1×2 and double chance markets. That is, there is no difference whether to place a bet on P1 and X or one bet on 1x.

Examples of calculating double chance bets

Imagine that you bet 1000 rubles with a coefficient of 1.75 on 1X in the match “Chelsea— – “Arsenal”. The following options are possible.

  1. If the match ends in a draw or a victory for Chelsea, then you will receive a payout of 1,750 rubles: 1000 x 1.75. Net profit – 750 rubles.
  2. If Arsenal succeeds, the bet will lose.

If you want to take X2 for 2000 rubles with a coefficient of 4.50 in the match “Real” – “Spartak”, a draw will bring profit again.

  1. If the match ends with a victory of Spartak or a draw, the payout will be 9,000 rubles: 2000 x 4.50. Net profit – 7000 rubles.
  2. If Real Madrid succeeds, the bet will lose.

When placing a bet of 12 in the hockey match “Washington” — “Pittsburgh” in the amount of 3000 rubles with a coefficient of 1.25, you will be satisfied with the victory of any team in regular time.

  1. In case of success of “Washington” or “Pittsburgh” in the main time, you will receive a payment of 3750 rubles: 3000 x 1.25. Net profit – 750 rubles.
  2. A draw at the end of three periods will make the bet a losing one.

Double-outcome betting strategies

Players bet on a double outcome in the following situations.

  • The first team is the favorite of the confrontation: a large bet on 1X with a low coefficient serves as insurance.
  • The second team is the favorite of the match: similarly, the X2 bet on a large sum is flirted with as insurance.
  • There are rivals whose tournament position obliges them to play for victory: they place a bet of 12 on the double chance market.
  • The favorite is in bad shape: they put a double chance on the outsider and a draw with a high coefficient.