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How the Asian handicap is calculated

Asian Handicap (Asian Handicap)

In this article we will talk about the Asian handicap, which is one of the types of bets with a handicap. Asian handicap or quarter handicap are common concepts in the betting world. This type of betting is most often used in football. It is very similar to betting with a handicap, but it has its own nuances, which we would like to draw your attention to.

The same is true for Asian Handicap bets as for handicap bets. Only you should take into account that the Asian handicap combines two bets with a soft and a hard form, and the cost of each of them is half the amount of the money you bet. At first glance, this type of betting may seem complicated, but in fact everything is simple. You will see this after we look at specific examples.

Asian handicap on a concrete example

It’s not for nothing that I call the Asian handicap a quarter handicap. It got this name due to the fact that it is expressed in quad values: 0.25 (¼), 0.75 (¾) and, respectively, 1.25 ; 1.75; 2.25; 2.75, etc. The line with the Asian handicap will look like this: F1 (-2.25) and F2(+2.25), where a negative handicap is a bet on the favorite, and a positive one is on the outsider.

Now let’s figure out what the Asian handicap bet is. So, if we bet $40 on F1(-2.25), then in fact, we make two bets of $ 20 on F1(-2) and F1(-2.5), i.e. on the two nearest handicaps — one integer and one fractional multiple of 0.5, with the same sign, in this case with a minus. For some bookmakers, the Asian handicap is recorded as two handicaps with a “/” or a hyphen.

How to calculate the Asian Handicap bet?

The calculation of bets with the Asian handicap is the calculation of two bets with a soft and hard form. In the article Betting with a handicap, we have already considered how bets with a soft (force) and a hard (fractional) handicap are calculated. But let’s still look at the calculation of the Asian handicap rate on a specific example to understand what the differences will be.

BK 12Bet, Spanish Championship football match: Real Madrid – RCD Mallorca, a line with an Asian handicap of 2.75. So, what does this bookmaker offer us? It offers: F1(-2.75) and F2 (+2.75). Let’s deal with F1 (-2.75), the coefficient is 2.360. Let the size of your bet be $ 30, we decompose it into two handicaps.

We get: F1 (-2.75) = F1 (-2.5) and F1 (-3).

  • The first option. You will win if Real Madrid wins with a gap of 4 or more goals. For example, the score is 6:2. Since the handicap is negative, we subtract the handicap value from the goals scored, i.e. 6-2.5 = 3.5 and 6-3 =3. We get the score of the match, taking into account the odds of 3.5:2 and 3:2, from which it is clear that Real won, and with it your bet.
  • The second option. Real won the match with a gap of 3 goals. Score 5:2. Let me remind you, you bet $30 on the Asian handicap. We consider: 5-2.5 = 2.5, we get a match score of 2.5:2. The bookmaker will calculate half of the $ 15 bet to you with the proposed coefficient of 2.360. And the second half of the bet will be returned to you calculated with a coefficient of 1, since taking into account the handicap “-3” we get a draw score of 2:2.

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The third option. The worst is that your bet will completely lose if Real wins with a difference of 2 or less goals, this team loses or draws.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that if in this match you bet on F1(-2.25), then you will expect several other options for winning and losing bets on the Asian handicap. What does it mean?

  • We lay out: F1(-2.25) = F1 (-2) and F1 (-2.5).
  • We get a win with a coefficient of 1.870 in the case when Real Madrid scores 3 goals more than RCD Mallorca.

If the first team wins with a difference of two goals, you get a refund of half of the bet (the F1(-2) bet will be calculated with a coefficient of 1), and you lose half of the bet (i.e. the F1 (-2.5) bet). Accordingly, with such an outcome of this event, $ 15 will be returned to you out of the $30 set.

And, of course, you will lose the entire bet on F1 (-2.25) if Real Madrid wins with a difference of 1 goal, if the match is tied (excluding handicap) and the first team loses.

The positive handicap is calculated according to the same principle.

Attention! Asian handicap (Asian handicap) in Live betting is often given to the current score of the match.

To summarize

The Asian handicap is actively used in betting by both ordinary boosters and professional players who work with betting forks. As you have already understood, this type of betting has all the same features as betting with a handicap. The only difference is what your win or loss will be at one or another outcome of the match. After all, the amount of your bet with an Asian handicap will be divided by the bookmaker in half into two bets with a soft and hard handicap. Therefore, the approach to such bets should be as thorough as to bets with a handicap.